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Greeting from Slovakia

We have met a lot of people with ideas to learn how to live in harmony with natural formations and how to donate free life space for animals, plants, trees and water and this way to create the fair natural cycle and symbiosis of human with animals and nature.

Some friend joined as to create the common project for building the bigger living space. This way we together would like to create values mentioned above, develop and spread them in much bigger rate like is able to do one man only.

We are going to obtain means for development of this project by our own business activities and our agricultural activities. They are aimed at three- field crop rotation farming system without any use of chemicals or manure and slurry and without genetically modified crops and at growing of herbs for healing. Our activities are also aimed at the bee culture, at the recreational and eco-educational meetings (for example: vegetarian cooking,  permaculture, protection of nature).

We invest our own means for this project and our goal is not so called Charities help…

That is why the question can come into your mind,

What you have to do with this….

There are many examples of order power and purity power of nature and human spirit in the world, the people who live and create the material and spiritual wealth being to maintain and develop the Harmony of Live.

It is important from whom you receive the support because only from pure spring can stream the pure brook….

That is the purpose why I would like to address to you, who identifies with the similar vision in your inner and you can have a feeling to support us with a financial gift.

The goal of this gift is the idea to build small valley of pure nature in the heart of Europe and to make the publicity for our own example of human actions and thinking to be able to support life by creating the harmony and the unity with nature in 21st century.

I am talking about your “investment” for your life, because there are many people who can share my idea with me, that the gold rule is still valid – “Do for other people the same, what you want to be done for you”… and so prospective financial support (which contains also your mental and moral support) will return many times to its donor in his life.

I know by my own life experience, it really works like this! 

Some people could hold me to be idealist and fantasist….,

You have a right for this …

I am also responsible for my acts through my conscience in front of our Creator (God) so as every human being.

I cannot provide another guarantee…

The work for this project is going to be meaningful and dynamic with people, who understand of goal of this project and join us by gift, or with mental support, or personally…

You are welcome, if you will decide to come for a visit!

The life has taught me to find solution also there where it seems to be impossible but where it has meaningful purpose.

 I think, it is worth paying attention – especially in

Recent Epoch

I wish you the free decisions and a joy of life!


The data for sending financial aid:

account number: 5054169605/0900

IBAN: SK0409000000005054169605


Name: Projekt pre Život