Please, donate for your honey-bees

The ten million of honey-bees are missing to pollinate all crops only in Europe.
Our common activities are - to build together the bee-hives and to buy the colonies of 
bees – as much as possible. This could be decrease the deficit of honey-bees. 
We would like to implement the system called “Warre system” of beekeeping, which 
is very natural for bees, without of human interference. This system is helpful for the 
natural and good integration of bees with nature, because they are a part of nature.
If you have also such feeling that your financial donation could be helpful to realize these activities.
 “Please, donate for your bees”!
This system of beekeeping is not aimed at commercial purpose!!!
We must not allow to comes true the Einstein`s statement: “When the last bee will be 
dead, all humankind will become extinct.
The goal of activity – “Please, donate for your honey- bee”
 It is not necessary to talk about catastrophic status of the nature and colonies of honey-bees, by reasons of human activities.
What is necessary to talk about is- to moderate or completely change this status, which is dangerous also for 
people. And we should not only talk about it, but also take an action to do it. 
The basic question is – How can I help personally by my activities to bring the positive change?
Our activity “Donate for your honey-bee” has two aspects – the first is about to know yourself and to find own 
contribution for these activities utilizing own talent to bring the peace into momentary disharmony. 
 Another aspect is to learn from some own experience during team activities. Both of aspects are correlated 
with life of honey-bees and that is way how the “masters of life” can learn from these beings and animals that 
they have put into these bad conditions.
The honey-bee is “insignificant being” in isolation but the honey-bee creates one strong, creative unit by joining 
common swarm activities of honey-bees. This united entity is useful for higher unit and not only on the material level but also on the spiritual level. (We can advice for everybody – not only for honey-bee lovers- to read the book: “The bees and their world” from authors: Hradil and Dettli ).
 The human being is only shadow of his/ her abilities if he/she lives in his/her own “me”, “only for me”, “mine”. 
The abilities of human being are used creatively if they are used in the team-work and if they are joined with 
abilities of another people, who have the same thinking and the same goals which serve for common good of entire Life. 
Somebody has talent and abilities for financial contribution, because he/she has gift of good-paid job. Another one can work with the wood and produce the bee-hives which is useful for the natural production of honey-bees. Another one has time and space to take  care of honey-bees during whole year and some people have talent to give an advice according by own life – experience, some people has knowledge to organize all 
activities and to coordinate all talents. And everybody learns simultaneously because no energy could be lost.  
Even the idea of wish about successful activities is energy, which behaves as every energy within the validity of law “action-reaction” – it means – what you give- the same you receive, what you send- the same you receive.
And so every idea, action, gift... is also the contribution for creating the energy of every contributor and also for   the work  which is created by this energy.  Not only bees will buzz in many valleys thanks of building these naturals works, but also people who are co-builder will can feel in their life the “buzzing” of new energy – energy of  fellowship in the process  of Life creation.
Our plan is very simple  - to find  the place, that will be beneficial for honey-bees ( according by advice of experts for honey-bees keeping)  and to find and support somebody in this place, who is willing to take care by courtesy (which means - without waiting of some yield through the honey-sale) about honey-bees family. This care should be in harmony with natural life as much as possible.
The human being can do a lot to understand himself/herself, but also through this understanding they can be able to feel the life by another way.
 Welcome for everybody!