The program of freedom, harmony and the sense for Unity with all forms of life 
is encoded inside in every one of human beings. Some of the people are already 
able to practice this program in their own life with open consciousness.
Some of the people strive to live this way and some of them are simply not able to accept new positive program.
There are visible the increasing efforts for a new life style all over the world 
compared with the old life style which the current society offers for people.
This is associated with the universal planetary development. The same as Mother 
Earth has a fever shaking caused by destructive acts of humans so that the 
people are tired of trite dogmas, political, or economical manipulations and inner 
blindness. They are shaking off the old programs and replacing them with the 
new ones which are built with active belief by acts.
We know according by our own experience, that only the acts for our fellowmen, 
nature and animals are that what is bringing the real advantage to create a new better world.
That is why the “Project for life” is the project of acts for humans, 
nature and animals.