About us

We have started with some few animals which can live with us as free as it is possible.
We feed them with a quality food, we also take care of their best life conditions and medical care according by our possibilities.
We do not make any differences between ship and dog, because every animal has the 
same value and law for life the same like people.
We started to learn about agricultural activities at the small piece of land. This kind 
of farming is perspective, because we do not use any chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.
We do not support any genetically modification of crops and their spreading.
We were inspired to start our “Project for life” by similar projects in abroad. It was for 
example project www.gabriele-stiftung.de, www.miroljubno-kmetijstvo-v-razvoju.org, heimat-fuer-tiere.de/.
We try to see our life on the Earth like the school to obtain the life experiences in never-
ending development of authentic being. We have strong feeling for harmonic life with 
nature, animals and people and through creative activities. We still use more of our 
inner power for this without the desire “to become important person.”
Our ascendants left for us the evidence how to live in peace with land ( three- field crop 
rotation farming system) and with elements of air, earth, fire and water ( for example the 
buildings from natural material with energetically saving.).
New era teach us, that it is possible to live the quality life without doing the harm to 
other beings, or killing them (to be vegetarian, or vegan).
The entire history of mankind is full of efforts about progress on the one side and about 
oppression, inhibition and profanation on the other side. It has never been successful 
(even it is not going to be successful) otherwise we were not there where we are today. 
I think also, that it is not necessary to explain for intelligent men in 21st truth and what is a lie.
We would like to be living examples for modern man to start using of his/her heart not 
only intellect. The wisdom means: to find the balance between heart and intellect – “gold middle path.”
We find out our project “The project for life” as a building process of our farmyard and 
the improvement process of surrounding countryside according by peaceful coexistence of people, nature and animals.
We follow many functional examples from another countries.
Every one of us is free being with own talent, which can be used for common affair and common goal.
 Project for life! 
It is our life experience!